Classes in Organic Horticulture

The Organic Land Care Diploma Program through Gaia College is one of the best I have ever had the priveledge to teach.  The way the classes are presented make the science behind growing a garden very clear, and allows you to understand what is really going on in your garden.

There are four classes in this program.  The first is the Organic Master Gardener Course.  This covers the basics of the science, and leads to a much deeper understanding of the applications of science in your garden.  The second class is a Growing Organic Food Course. This class is more of a hands on class, with activities centered around real life growing of food using Organic principles.  The third class in the series is a Plant Knowledge Class.  This will further a student's knowledge of plants and their place in plant communities, and make designing and planning a garden easier and more accurate.  The fourth class is Ecological Landscape Design.  This class will further a student's knowledge in the actual planning and design process with full consideration of Organic and Ecological Principles.

I am willing to teach the courses in the Organic Land Care Diploma at any location that there is sufficient demand, although prices may vary to cover some travel expenses. If you can gather 15 people who might want to take one or all of these courses please contact me to discuss the details.

I also teach in the Red Seal Horticulture Apprenticeship Program.  I have taught the entire Level 1 Program, and parts of level 2.  I am also available to teach these anywhere in Canada with sufficient notice.


Workshops and Short Presentations

I really enjoy presenting gardening information at special events and garden clubs.  I have presented talks at Garden Shows, Seedy Saturdays and Sundays, Horticultural Industry Events, and Health Fairs.  I have been a regular presenter at Nanaimo Community Gardens and the Nanaimo Regional District's Water Smart Events.  I have a list of topics ready for any occasion, and can generally respond to the intersts and needs of any group.

Two years ago I was asked to help the Parksville Museum form and Urban Farm School.  In keeping with the Agricultural Tradition in the area, I put together a series of gardening classes on various aspects of growing food.  The classes were short, and each class could be taken seperately, so they were good for those who could not for some reason attend the longer and more committed Gaia classes.  These classes have been mostly attended by those gardeners who were not interested in gaining a diploma, just interested in gaining knowledge to help them grow food.  We are planning to offer a new series of classes in 2018 so watch for the ads in Facebook, and on this site!

Garden Consultation

I love going to people's gardens and sharing what I know about how gardens work.  I can help you figure out, in most cases, what is wrong with your plants, and how best to take care of them.  Although I do not do formal landscape designs, I do consultations about plant selection and placement, drawing a rough diagram for homeowners who want a garden that will provide both beauty and ecological function.

I also do pruning, and garden work, working with ecological methodology and current best organic practices.  Whether you need a one time garden clean up, or ongoing care, send me a quick email to discuss prices and availability.


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